Thursday, 26 May 2011

United look for Revenge

You'll Have to Do More than DIVE!
As we look forward to the Champions League Final at Wembley on Saturday Manchester United have been in the press for the wrong reasons. With the press typically looking to stir things up, Ryan Giggs' revelations have not really damaged United's preparations for Saturday; so Fergie says. I guess we'll have to wait and see anyway.
In the week building up, it is inevitable that the sports pages will have United talk somewhere, with ex-greats giving their opinion, managers giving their predictions and quite more interestingly current United players telling of their feelings of the big day.
United's captain yesterday said something which someone has needed to say for a long time, Nemanja Vidic told the Daily Star, "You Won't Con Us."
Lets face it, most foreign footballers, and some of ours have been shown by the cameras to be true cheats and shown to have no sportsmanship at all. Last year 'SkySports' made a 1 minute clip of Danny Alves in a single match diving to the ground and rolling around like a little girl. And Barcelona aren't short of drama queens. Vidic was quoted as saying, "We have to focus and concentrate and then it won't be a big deal to handle the things we know will come."
Oh really? I mean how easy is that, lets face it, when Barcelona are being out scored in a match or not looking like winning it, there is nothing they won't amount to. We've seen diving, simulating, imaginary card waving, surrounding the officials and rolling around to waste time when you've just been shoulder barged.
When this is happening how easy is it to keep your cool? I really hope Manchester United do, I think Barcelona need a taste of their own medicine and as much as I hate to say it I think to win this contest United will have to play Barcelona at their own baby game. Fergie should send his players to a drama class this week and give Barcelona a reason to feel robbed. Barcelona have a fantastic team of footballers its just a shame most of them were brought up to cheat.

Despite all of Barcelona's 'Do what it takes' attitude, United do have one advantage; Barcelona have never won in England in the Champions League, they even lost 2-1 to hopeless Arsenal in the early knockout stages. Can United take advantage? I hope so, but lets not forget, Wembley has recent bad memories for United having lost the FA Cup semi final there to Manchester City, and lets face it, on the big day then, United did not show up.



Manchester United 1-0 Barcelona

Manchester United 1-1 Barcelona (Barcelona to win on pens)
Vidic                  Villa

Manchester United 0-3 Barcelona
                 Messi (2)

Sent Off:

Van Der Sar


Time of first goal:

51-60 mins (I personally have this bet on)

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  1. Sounds like a good prediction to me!

  2. I may have to steal a few of your bets.